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Chinese handmade sword/practical/high performance/sharp/雷霆战斧/CS 87

Chinese handmade sword/practical/high performance/sharp/雷霆战斧/CS 87
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  • Model: 雷霆战斧/CS 87
  • Weight: 0.60kg
  • Dimensions: 38.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm
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Thunderbolt Tomahawk, 【 Blade Material 】: Hand forged with high hardness manganese steel, with a total length of 38 centimeters, a blade length of 22 centimeters, a handle length of 16 centimeters, and a blade width of 16 centimeters. Exclusive laser engraving pattern design, pure manual fine grinding process 【 Sheath Material 】: Premium PU leather 【 Handle Material 】: Handmade carved bronze dragon handle 【 Suitable 】: Collect self-defense couples, deliver housewarming gifts, martial arts, fitness, and exquisite decorations 【 Gifts 】: Exquisite brocade box, care oil 【 Performance 】: Cutting iron, chopping wrist bamboo without pressure, easily cutting A4 paper 【 Craft 】: The blade is made by hand through dozens of ancient Longquan methods, including repeated tempering, forging, shoveling, filing, grinding, heat treatment (quenching), initial repair, precision repair, and so on

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