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Chinese handmade sword/practical/high performance/sharp/毒狼/CS 50

Chinese handmade sword/practical/high performance/sharp/毒狼/CS 50
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  • Model: 毒狼/CS 50
  • Weight: 1.30kg
  • Dimensions: 110.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm
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The thickened shoulder strap of Tang horizontal knife poisonous wolf is designed in gold proportion, with a total length of 110cm and a handle length of 32cm. It is wrapped with anti-skid leather rope. It feels comfortable. The blade length is 73cm, the blade width is 4cm and the blade thickness is 0.5cm. It is processed by the process of baking blue and engraving on the manganese steel forged blade. The hardness is as high as 60 ° and cutting iron does not hurt the blade. The sheath material is wrapped in solid wood with PU leather and an exclusive design shoulder strap. It is necessary for outdoor use

1. The length may have slight error and should be measured by hand.

2、 Yes. If you need custom blade engraving or other changes, please contact us.

Master the maintenance knowledge of sword.

The sword is generally composed of blade, scabbard and ornaments. The main blade is made of steel and the sheath is made of wood.

To avoid rusting, do not store in a wet place, and do not contact acidic or corrosive substances. If it is corroded by dirt and sweat, you should avoid touching it with your hands.

The surface shall be coated with lubricating oil (preferably mineral oil), such as liquid paraffin, motor lubricating oil, etc. Prevent sword birth

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