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Longquan Hand Forging/Japan katana/ High Performance/sharp/斩魄刀/WS01

Longquan Hand Forging/Japan katana/ High Performance/sharp/斩魄刀/WS01
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  • Model: 斩魄刀/WS01
  • Weight: 1.30kg
  • Dimensions: 103.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm
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High-performance copper-clad Tatsu Yamashiro [Ice Wheel Pill Scorpion Knife] The blade has a blue sawtooth pattern. This knife is very tough and is the sabre of Hitsugaya Toushirou, the captain of the Shifan team in the Japanese comic book Death; The strongest spirit-cutting knife in the ice and snow department of the soul world has a wide attack range. The spirit pressure can freeze the water in the air to form an ice dragon. The additional ice and snow damage is forged by manganese steel and bent for 90 degrees without deformation. The blade body is treated by the process of baking blue. The blade surface is treated by hand [grinding and grinding white], and the hardness is as high as 60. It cuts the iron without hurting the blade. The full length of the sheath is 103 cm, the blade length is 71 cm, the handle length is 26 cm, and the blade width is 3.2 cm, which is pure

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