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Longquan Animation Sword manually upgraded version / Animation / Devil Killer //sharp鬼灭之刃-灶门炭治郎 /ZSA 64

Longquan Animation Sword manually upgraded version / Animation / Devil Killer //sharp鬼灭之刃-灶门炭治郎 /ZSA 64
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  • Model: 鬼灭之刃-灶门炭治郎 /ZSA 64
  • Weight: 1.40kg
  • Dimensions: 103.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm
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Product description: samurai animation sword / ghost blade-Zaomen Tanjiro. 

Blade material: high performance manganese steel. 

Production process: manual manufacturing, manual forging, quenching. 

Weight: 1.4kg. 

Total length: 105 cm. 

Leaf length: 72 cm. 

Handle length: 26 cm. 

Leaf width: 3.2 cm. 

Thickness: 0.7cm. 

Sheath: solid wood paint. 

Since ancient times, the samurai sword has been famous for its beautiful shape as a weapon. Many famous swords are collected as works of art, which contain the symbolic significance of soldiers' souls. 

Different from the knives of other countries, one of the most important features of the Japanese Dao is that it not only shows the appearance of decoration, but also shows a sense of art.

Be careful. 

1. The length may have a slight error and should be measured by hand. 

two。. If you need custom blade carving or other changes, please contact us. 

Knowledge of sword maintenance. 

The sword is generally composed of blade, scabbard and accessories. The main blade is made of steel and the sheath is made of wood. 

To avoid rust, do not store in wet places and do not come into contact with acidic or corrosive substances. If it is corroded by dirt and sweat, you should avoid touching it with your hands. 

The surface should be coated with lubricating oil (preferably mineral oil), such as liquid paraffin, motor lubricating oil, etc. Keep the sword from rusting

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