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Chinese handmade sword/practical/high performance/sharp/鬼乐/CS 16

Chinese handmade sword/practical/high performance/sharp/鬼乐/CS 16
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  • Model: 鬼乐/CS 16
  • Weight: 1.40kg
  • Dimensions: 108.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm
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[product name] ghost desire for pleasure

Hengdao of Tang Dynasty

[blade material]: hand forging, singeing and blackening process of extreme manganese steel

[equipment]: alloy (red wolf)

Total length: 114cm

Blade length: 72cm

Stem length: 32cm

Blade width: 3.8cm (widest part)

Blade thickness: 0.5cm

Total weight: 1.8kg

[handle material]: gold wire rope winding

[sheath material]: dragon pattern leather sheath design (exclusive leather decoration)

[suitable for] collection, self-defense, couple distribution, housewarming, gift giving, martial arts fitness and exquisite furnishings

[performance]: extremely sharp, easy to sweep a drainage, toughness up to 90 degrees, like chopping iron and cutting vegetables

[technology]: the blade is handmade by dozens of ancient Longquan methods, such as forging, hot forging, shoveling, filing, grinding, heat treatment (quenching), tempering, primary repair, finishing, etc

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