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Chinese handmade sword/practical/high performance/sharp/鬼魅/CS06

Chinese handmade sword/practical/high performance/sharp/鬼魅/CS06
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  • Model: 鬼魅/CS06
  • Weight: 1.40kg
  • Dimensions: 108.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm
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The sword is the sword, the sword is the he ye, the evil spirit must hide, the strange must frighten. Yanmie series - Xiangmei Tang Dao is the pinnacle of China's cold weapons. It is made of extreme manganese steel by hand forging, exclusive exquisite pyrotechnic and blue baking process, which makes an unprecedented breakthrough in the ornamental and performance. [fittings]: exclusive leading set "unique" [features]: the blade is large V, with flat and sharp blade surface, low cutting resistance and axial thinning forging, The traditional water quenching process is used to heat up to 1200 ℃ and quench in cold water, which makes the hand feel fine, A collectible sword [total length]: 107 cm [blade length]: 67 cm [handle length]: 32 cm [blade width]: 3.6 cm [blade thickness]: 0.5 cm [blade material]: high performance manganese steel [hardness]: 58 [sheath material]: solid wood sheath (free strap)] [fitting]: zinc alloy silver / gold plating [total weight]: about 1.6 kg [blade body]: integrated forging blade [process]: blade body hand forging, It is made by the ancient manufacturing process of Longquan sword, such as roughing, hot forging, shoveling, filing, grinding, refining, tempering and manual grinding【 [performance]: extremely sharp, easy to sweep a drainage, tenacity up to 90 degrees, like chopping iron and cutting vegetables... [suitable] collect self-defense lovers, deliver housewarming gifts, martial arts fitness exquisite furnishings [note]: swords are pure manual products, there are errors, specifications are for reference only

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